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Power Sweeping and Cleaning Request a Quote

sweeper-subpageSurface sweeping/vacuuming removes large debris and litter, while deep sweeping collects fine grain dirt and other material from a surface area.

Protecting the environment and conserving valuable natural resources is our main objective. We offer clients general sweeping and deep cleaning services to remove large debris and litter and to collect fine grain dirt, sand, dust, pebbles and other materials from their properties. Our team uses equipment that power scrubs surfaces with water and detergent to restore painted areas to original conditions and to control soil load on parking surfaces.

We utilize state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment that runs either hot or cold water at high pressures to deep clean surfaces. This equipment is designed to reclaim water instantly, filter, clean and recycle the water for reuse during the same service call. By using this technique, SP+ Facility Maintenance reduces water consumption by as much as 75% per service call when compared to traditional pressure washing methods. We also ensure clients that waste water will be properly contained and disposed of in accordance with environmental requirements.

Our services provide clients with:

  • Facility sweeping
  • Power scrubbing
  • Pressure washing