Technical Support Analyst
Nashville, TN

Chad McRae currently works as a SP+ Technical Support Analyst. He started his role supporting operations with their day-to-day technical issues. But with a strong desire to challenge himself, his responsibilities have evolved to include all aspects of IT support.

I have been asked to fulfill many roles within the IT dept. I feel I have adapted to the challenges no matter what they may be…from learning networking and system administration to security functions.

SP + has helped me achieve my goals by granting me the time and resources to learn many different aspects and functions of the IT department.

What I like most about my job at SP+ is getting to know the people who work in the field, and the ability to help make their day-to-day functions go smoother. As many have heard me say, I work for them and if they need me for anything, I am always ready for the chance to help make things right for them!