APO Site Reviewer

SP+ is the first private parking management organization in the world to earn Accredited Parking Organization with Distinction. Our company believes that earning APO status reflects on our commitment to excellence and unbending desire to provide the best possible service to the client and the parking public.

Our APO Site Reviewer has successfully completed the training provided by the International Parking and Mobility Institute. The APO Site Reviewer provides the following services:

  • Evaluation of items in the APO scoring matrix with the client (via telephone)
  • Organization and evaluation of evidence for the accomplishment of each applicable item
  • Conduct site reviews to confirm existence of evidence for paperwork documentation
  • Physical facility assessment in accordance with the matrix
  • Accreditation recommendation

SP+ will guide the applicant in organizing and presenting the evidence of each required item on the matrix. The Reviewer will visit the applicant site and evaluate the evidence to determine suitability, and whether the evidence item is material (applicable or not applicable) to the application.