Fleet Management Review and Analysis

The goal of any Fleet Asset Management process is to use a system-wide approach in order to improve operations and make the organization more effective by considering the full investment and life cycle of assets. The Fleet Management Team is encouraged to managing its fleet assets in a manner that is sustainable and economical, collaboratively, and to ensure the enterprise is equipped with the vehicles and equipment it requires to perform mission-critical assignments.

Plan Scope

The Plan applies to all client owned and leased vehicles.

  • The number and types of vehicles owned by each agency and the purpose each vehicle serves
  • Procedures to increase vehicle use and improve the efficiency of the vehicle fleet
  • Procedures to reduce the cost of maintaining vehicles
  • Lower-cost alternatives to using vehicles
  • Opportunities for consolidating and privatizing the operation and management of vehicle fleets

This plan is organized to reinforce a Fleet Vehicle Life Cycle management process and provides recommendations on how the client may standardize their respective Fleet Vehicle Life Cycle management processes. This process incorporates all major facets of vehicle life cycle management from needs determination to retirement of the acquired vehicle. Clients are encouraged to adopt this life cycle as the basis for their standard operating procedures.