Supply, Demand and Allocation Analysis

SP+ will assess supply and demand allocation for existing or proposed parking facilities. Utilizing a proprietary demand model, SP+ will provide an educated assessment of the parking needs. The model is founded on the principals within the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Shared Parking 2nd Edition including parking demand and seasonality factors. The ULI factors are established from industry standards accumulated from nationwide parking occupancy studies. SP+ further refines the ULI standard factors utilizing market knowledge and experience. Benefits of the shared parking demand analysis include:

  • Parking and supply demand evaluation of existing operations
  • Revenue proforma for calculation of management fee
  • Lease agreement research
  • Identification of peak hours of demand
  • Determination of allocation of parking spaces
  • Determination of quantity/location of parking control equipment

The demand model ultimately yields the estimated capacity and assists in facilitating the design process. An additional advantage is a preliminary schematic design from the parking perspective.