Dar’ron, Senior Facility Manager (Former Trainee “Manager in Training” Program)
Washington, D.C.

Dar’ron is currently a Senior Facility Manager, and had previously served as a Facility Manager for over a year. He began his career at SP+ as a trainee in the “Manager in Training” program. During the program, Dar’ron worked with senior-level managers on preparing his career growth within the company through mentoring and gaining hands-on experience.

“I had a conversation with my Senior Manager, Gregory Jones, about opportunities within the company. We set a plan in place to follow that would prepare me for a successful transition and advance in role as they become available,” said Gregory. “I was able to visit all the different lines of business in the D.C. market while in training, getting a greater picture of how SP+ operates as a company.”

Dar’ron is looking to keep developing his talent while crafting and mastering his operational skills and knowledge to help support his career aspirations.

“Working at SP+ gives me a chance to challenge myself personally and professionally on a day-to-day basis, making me more refined as I continue my career.”