Accounting Manager
Salt Lake City International Airport

Emily Hulterstrom is the Accounting Manager at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Her responsibilities include supervising the Accounting staff in all finance-related activities at the location and preparing a variety of reports for the client, including the Monthly Operating Statement of Revenue and Expenses.

Emily was part of the transition team when SP+ took over the airport operations at SLC in 2010. She was already working at the airport parking as an accounting clerk (receivables and revenue reporting), and had worked for many years as a cashier, guest service associate, and supervisor. Her experience and dedication helped lead the team to a successful changeover.

Today, Emily’s invaluable knowledge and skills has made her a pivotal asset to the airport’s growth and the success of the SP+. She is often called on for assistance with special tasks, such as acquiring new parking equipment or the opening of a new location.

“I had the opportunity to assist SP+ at Kansas City Airport,” said Emily. “It was a challenge walking into a new location with no knowledge of the operation at that location. Each team member in Kansas City knew a piece of the puzzle. We worked together and accomplished all of the goals. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist the SP+ team and see another SP+ operation in action.”