Our Employees

Some of our employees shared stories about their professional and personal accomplishments, daily work life, and what they love best about working at SP+. Hear what they have to say!

  • Cheryl, Services Manager

    “I love the people at my job! I really enjoy working with my teammates and our clients.”
    Meet Cheryl, our Services Manager from Toronto, ON… Learn more

  • Kerry, Regional Manager

    I try to keep it simple – treat everyone with respect and always be happy. Smiling faces are contagious.”
    Meet Kerry, our Regional Manager from Charlotte, NC… Learn more

  • Tashana, Senior Manager

    “I am a little techy, so I love figuring out how technology can improve the customer experience and make our jobs easier, and then being a part of the implementation process.”
    Meet Tashana, our Senior Manager from the Washington Metropolitan Area… Learn more

  • Todd, Regional Manager

    “The best part of my job is receiving feedback from customers about the great interactions that they’ve had with our team.”
    Meet Todd, our Regional Manager from Philadelphia, PA… Learn more

  • Beth, Lead Supervisor

    “The best part of my job is obtaining more knowledge on a daily basis to assist customers in any way possible.”

    Meet Beth, our Lead Supervisor at MKE Airport… Learn more

  • Shaspal, Parking Manager

    “I have transitioned my job duties from being an overnight attendant to a manager at Hilton Midtown Garage. “
    Meet Shaspal, our Parking Manager at the NY Hilton Midtown garage… Learn more

  • Robinson, Valet Attendant

    “Mr. Ducasse demonstrated the importance of the guest experience. Even though he works for parking, he was willing to offer assistance outside of the parking scope.”

    Meet Robinson, our Valet Attendant at FLL Airport… Learn more