Sphere SP Plus Corp

Sphere Commerce™

Providing cloud-based payment solutions.

Access to a wide range of payment options that delivers an enhanced, streamlined and touchless user experience.

Sphere Commerce™ provides customers the ultimate flexibility for how they buy, pay for and access parking facilities. It’s all part of Sphere™, the single-source platform that connects to the full suite of technology solutions from SP+. Sphere Commerce™ supports multiple payment solutions that include:

+ On Demand Payments

SP’s on demand payment for gateless facilities allows parkers to avoid the pay station using either your mobile device’s using the Parking.com app or website to pay for parking. Supported with signage at the location, customers have the option to pay by app, text to pay or scan to pay. Enforcement is managed through the customers license plate. 

With on demand payment for gated facilities, customers are able to enter a gated facility in a friction-free, contactless method by using one of several credentialing options that include LRP, Bluetooth or a QR code providing customers with automatic access to the facility. This seamless method processes their payment and sends the customer a receipt via email.

+ Prepaid Reservations

Prepaid reservations for parking allow consumers to make a reservation ahead of time at parking facilities, using either the Parking.com app or website. Whether attending a popular destination or just going out to dinner, parkers can search for, schedule and pay for parking ahead of time. At gateless facilities payment is tracked through the parkers license plate. At gated locations customers scan a barcode that’s provided as part of the payment process or display their voucher on their dashboard. 

+ Mobile POS

SP+’s proprietary handheld Mobile POS is currently used for event venues and remote airline check-in at airports and cruise ports.  The platform is designed to handle high-volume and high revenue facilities and can be easily expanded to address additional payment needs. Through advanced capabilities that streamline parking payment, and management tools that optimize operational efficiencies, parkers are able to spend less time and aggravation entering and exiting the facility.

+ Valet Services

A ticketless, request and pay-ahead POS option for valet services at vertical markets like hotels, healthcare and airports. The service processes payments, including tips, without the need for the valet to handle the customer’s cash or credit card.

The platform provides operational dashboards that show, among other service metrics, retrieval times, pending pickups, garage availability, associates working, and vehicles expected to return accessed by clients in real-time through their desktop or mobile devices.  They can also monitor payroll with the system’s face recognition clock feature, alerts supervisors of employees approaching overtime, and allows supervisors to transfer hours and tips.