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We provide a unique way to check-in.

We offer our clients…

Unique technologies that transform areas of airport property into remote luggage and airline check-in centers.

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Hotels & Resorts

We can enhance the arrival and departure experience.

We offer our clients…

Services that help make travel easier for your guests and more efficient for your staff.

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Give your passengers a luggage-free cruise.

We offer our clients…

An unparalleled travel experience by allowing passengers to board, debark, and travel home without the hassle of carrying luggage.

How can we Make Travel Easier®? That is the question Bags has been asking and answering since the company began its operations over 25 years ago. Trusted by major airlines, cruise lines, and world-famous resorts, Bags makes travel easier through innovation and superior customer service. It currently operates in more than 250 U.S. cities, completes more than 2 million valet transactions per year, and handles more than 5 million checked bags annually.

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