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Enhancing patient and employee experience through high-quality parking and transportation solutions and services.

SP+ Healthcare Services is the parking, transportation, and shuttle operation provider of choice among a multitude of hospital systems across North America. 

Our expertise in parking and transportation, combined with our exceptional quality of service, comprehensive healthcare service support training, robust financial controls, and ability to provide sustainable support at both the regional and national levels, make SP+ the partner of choice for hospitals across the country.

SP+ Healthcare Services is committed to serving the needs of patients, staff, and visitors while continually delivering on a commitment to quality and keeping an eye on the future.

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We are entrusted to provide parking and transportation solutions to more than 300 healthcare locations across North America.

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Patient Experience

Patient satisfaction is our top priority. We are extremely familiar with satisfaction and experience surveys and have worked with many facilities to track and improve services for patients, visitors, and team members.

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Empathetic Hospitality

From day one, we welcome new team members with onboarding through our engaging learning experience. Specialized, healthcare-specific training is provided to team members and leaders creating a safe and consistently excellent experience for patients.

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Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

SP+ Healthcare Services has a deep and incredibly experienced team of key personnel to support planning and operations.

Solutions devoted exclusively to serving the medical environment.

We offer our healthcare partners a broad array of subject matter expertise and best practices coupled with an unparalleled depth of resources to address the entire spectrum of access, whether through parking, transportation, maintenance, technology, special events, or other ancillary areas.

Healthcare facility parking can present unique challenges due to the wide range of constituents a healthcare facility serves. Various parking options, including parking garages, surface lots, gated, or gateless operations, must be managed effectively to support the needs of patients, doctors, and employees.  

To add a more personal touch, special parking programs can be implemented, like valet parking and special paid reserve spaces. These services generate additional revenue and add to your experience menu. We can also help develop campus-wide validation programs to provide patients with free parking.  

Our state-of-the-art technology platform supporting enforcement, which uses cameras and patrol, ensures parking regulations are enforced and that  parking is more available for patients.

Ensuring parking facilities are well maintained is critical to the overall appearance of the healthcare facility. Our Facility Maintenance services include daily cleaning procedures as well as scheduled maintenance processes, including sweeping, painting, power washing, signage, porter, and more.

Often the size and complexity of today’s healthcare facilities can be stressful to navigate. Providing transportation options that simplify the process can take a heavy weight off patients and visitors. Our shuttle bus transportation services provide on- and off-site transportation for patients, visitors, and team members. Ambulatory services provide patients with a ride from home or to an appointment within a defined radius. In-patient wheelchair transportation for patients whether on the front drive or in the healthcare facility.

Supporting your facility goes beyond the vehicle that operates within it.  Our Patient Services offering helps improve the on-campus experience. From serving as a point of contact at the front entry or any popular spots throughout the facility, our concierge and ambassador program is a great value-add for patient movement. Our adaptive screening program streamlines the process and relieves the burden for hospital members.

SP+ provides parking, transportation, and technology programs for hundreds of hospitals, clinics, and medical office buildings across North America. Our unique depth, understanding, and approach enables us to offer solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each healthcare location.

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Providing an end-to-end enhanced experience for patients and employees

We understand how critical all healthcare interactions are which is why we focus on delivering a quality experience for the moment they arrive at your facility.

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